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What’s Your Plan for a Sustainable Planet?

sustainable planet
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That is a big question.

Change creates new solutions. When we let our imagination loose, solutions show up. Inventors in a time of change can help us find new ways of approaching our problems. A sustainable Planet that is healthy, provides a healthier, more sustainable life for those that live upon it.

As I have been learning more about sustainability and a “Birth-to-Birth” approach to life, the information about issues we are causing by our lack of taking a more responsible attitude for the health of our planet, becomes an important conversation that all of us need to think about. There are things that we can do. Some are small, “thinking-responsible”, lifestyle changes and some ideas are on very, large-scale changes that need to be done, before it is too late, and the damage cannot be corrected.

The facts and information described in the following article may surprise you. Our usage of plastic products in our products is insatiable. When we actually become aware of the following facts that the article presents to us, we can become overwhelmed.

78 Plastic in The Ocean Statistics & Facts 2020-2021

Updated: December 16, 2021. Eric Phillips

Plastic – a ubiquitous material in our lives. From microfibres in the clothes we wear to the containers our food comes in, there’s no escaping plastic in the modern world.

And increasingly, when it comes to water, plastic is never far from hand. We’ve become addicted to buying plastic water bottles and whether it’s sparkling, flavored or still it’s always plastic.

Plastic is so normalized in our lives that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. And when we see something every day, we forget about the hidden world of production and consumption and waste that revolves around it, just out of view.

Whilst global plastic production appears to have peaked in 2019 with 368 million tons, the effects of COVID and global shutdowns may also have suppressed the numbers. In 2021, plastic production is on the rise, and as our alarming statistics show, the vast majority of this plastic is never recycled.

As plastic piles up in landfills, on beaches and in coral reefs across our world, you may be wondering what can be done.

Armed with plastic facts and statistics, you can start making a difference to plastic consumption and recycling. Share these shocking facts with your friends and family to create a rippling effect, reducing plastic consumption in your community.”

To make you feel better, I have added the video of Boyan Slat. A person with ideas and who is following through with an amazingly courageous goal. Be sure to watch the video before you leave. There are amazing people living on our planet today, with great ideas to save this planet and generations to come.

Change Is Good – It Creates People That Want To Be Part of Creating The World We Want To See.

sustainable planet
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Sustainable Planet Living Includes Thinking Consciously or With The Awareness of Consequences:

Watching this video of Boyan Slat is so inspiring. Finding answers that are needed to move us into a more life-affirming existence is such a highly inspirational goal. Creating a more Sustainable Planet Life Experience for future generations is an heroic goal for our planet and one that should be supported.

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Find Out More:

Supporting New Ideas With Open Minds

Research, Learn and Work together to find solutions.

We are never too young or too old to find answers.

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Rethinking Sustainable Planet ideas
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Thank you for reading and Thank You For Sharing.

Share your ideas with others – Change Can Make A Difference.

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