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What is Sustainable Housing?

Sustainable Housing and Affordable Housing is an important part of our discussions, as we move into our new approach to being a more consciously aware society. Recognition that what we do on this planet affects the future is beginning to be part of the consciousness of our societies, in general.

The solution for “Sustainable Housing” can be different depending upon the circumstances of what is already available. It is pointed out in the article from Ethical.net, that talking only about material used to create new shelter structures, is not enough. Ms. Waddington mentions that the following factors are important to the equation. She suggest that, there are two alternatives that established towns or areas, might want to consider before jumping into the creation of new structures.” She explains these in her article.

sustainable housing for the future
Sustainable Housing For The Future – What Does It Look Like?

According To the Following Article: Ethical.net by Elizabeth Waddington:

When Towns or Locations begin looking into Sustainable Housing for their areas, several ideas should be considered. I mention it here, because solutions to problems may come in different approaches. Therefore, the article discusses a couple of thoughts that should be looked at before, only a discussion of the materials used; and the approach taken to finding the answers to the problems present.

“Shelter – a home – is something we all need, a basic right. But how can we put an affordable roof over our heads, without it costing the earth? How can we build housing that benefits not just current generations, but the generations to come? Sustainable housing seeks to answer these questions.

But architects, designers and builders all bring very different approaches to the topic – which can make it tricky for the average house-buyer to understand how to make the greenest and most ethical choices.

But before we even get into examining the competing materials, designs and systems, we first need to ask ourselves a couple of questions:

New build sustainable housing renovation?

Co-living or going it alone?

Read Complete Article:

Ethical.net by Elizabeth Waddington

Certainly, each location will have different requirements based on their location and their current structure of town-living. The need for adapting this new way of living to being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, with the eye toward affordability, community and the natural surroundings will need to be researched to discover the best approach for each area.

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Each Community Sustainable Housing Projects May Look Different

When we discuss sustainable housing projects, discussions usually center around the materials to be used in a sustainability project.

In this post, I would like to show you one project that is offering a new sustainable housing project that is using new materials and creating an environment that offers a more earth-friendly, long-lasting answer to the question of sustainable, affordable housing that incorporates living with nature in a more natural environmental setting.

Geoship — a California-based homebuilding cooperative — is presenting a new architectural paradigm. Combining new material science and geometry, it offers an alternative model to conventional housing in the form of bioceramic domes. The startup plans to build multiple dome villages and automated microfactories throughout the US and around the world.

Geoship – More information

If discussing Sustainable, affordable housing, eco-friendly and saving our planet by living with as little impact as possible. This system shows us new ways of living on this planet.

ConsciousCareerConnections is here to show each of us new ways to protect and enjoy our lives. Be sure to check out this new innovation. Community involvement is an important part of this entire solution.

A Little more info: https://www.startengine.com/geoship

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