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When Experts share their craft & trade skills and knowledge with new generations, everyone wins. Careers are based on knowledge and when we see our experts take the time to share knowledge with future workers, we all prosper.

Meet John King, Owner of JK Welding and Trails West Gate Company in Houston, Texas. John followed his passion for welding and created his company with perseverance, belief in himself and a desire to be the best at what he creates.

Recently John and his sponsoring partner, Northern Tool & Equipment helped sponsor the annual Cy Fair Texas High School Welding Competition, which was attended by over 300 kids from welding training schools from around the U.S.

As you can learn by visiting John’s website and reading his blog; John supports others in his community through kindness, open communication and a willing attitude of service to others. He has received an Honorary Lone Star Degree from the FFA for his work with the Texas High School Welding Series; and his prior work with the local FFA.

John’s “Can Do” attitude is inspirational for all of us, at any age. His positive attitude is especially beneficial to those future workers to develop a belief in their own possibilities for the future.

John supports following your passion and has helped many students develop their welding skills in order to follow their dreams of a career in one of the highest paid trade skills available today.

John King understands the importance of pursuing your goals and

is an inspiration to generations to come.

JK Welding is always ready for a new challenge.

When John King was asked to build a “Singing Ringing Tree”, he accepted the challenge right away.

Located in Manor, Texas, it is the only “Singing Ringing Tree” in the Western Hemisphere. The Texas Tree was designed by the original wind-powered sculpture designer, Anna Loui. Anna Loui also designed: The Creature of the Worlds and the largest ferris wheel in London called The London Eye.

You can read more and watch the video at:

This 35,000 pound metal cross was created by JK Welding company and recently moved into its home at The Katy, Texas Fellowship Church.

Community Heroes – Make A Difference

Craft & Trade Skills are basic necessities of living on this planet today.

Learn More about John King and JK Welding from the article:

Cy-Fair Community Impact Business Feature on JK Welding.

Education is Knowledge and individuals, like John King, are our new heros. Sharing Craft/Trade skills and knowledge with others that can benefit from skills that create their livelihoods is a great way to be a hero to a community of people who have a passion to grow and learn, especially in some specific artistic craft and skillsets.

Our Education System Needs More People Willing To Share Knowledge with others.

Find out information about JK Welding and Trails West Gate Company:

Visit: to find out more about John King’s metal artwork-creations today.


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