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We are Learning How Important Positive Thoughts Are In Our Lives

Science and spirit creates manifesting in our lives. Our thoughts do create. That is why it is so important for us to think positive thoughts. Our lives are in our thought pattens. Those individuals that expect the worst, talk bad of themselves, and don’t believe they are ready for success will encounter more difficulties than those individuals that have an open mind when it comes to their next challenge.

The following video is very inspirational, so listen closely, you may hear insight that takes you to your next “big thing” or “success”.

The video gives us many examples of how manifesting is about science and spirit working together. Creating happiness in our world depends upon our expectations, our thought patterns and our beliefs about ourselves and life, in general. Faith in ourselves, and who we are in the world is important. Belief that there is a higher power that loves us and that does work for our better good, is comforting and inspiring.

Our subconscious operates in a way that we don’t always understand. Much of our subconscious are thoughts that have come from outside of us. We need to learn to listen to our own hearts, our own beliefs and the desires that we see as a future for ourselves.

dream big

Set your goals, dream big and believe in yourself. Opening Doors Will Open with Open Minds.

Science & Spirit, work together in manifesting with an open mind and a positive thoughts. Our consciousness creates our lives.

manifesting your life
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Awareness changes lives from a drifting, less controllable adventure to an Awake, Aware, and problem solving consciousness. Fear changes to positive, responsible ideas that will make a difference for your life and other lives.

We are Living In A Time of Change – Change Your Life with Manifesting The Best Life you can live. What does that mean to you?

Thank you for visiting Conscious Career Connections. Your life can be different when you understand that your thoughts, your beliefs, your spiritual and science beliefs make changes in your life. Your Conscious Awareness is important. Your subconscious is more of your automated actions created through habit and/or outside influences.

Share With Others So we all enjoy life the way we were mean’t to live.

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