solving community hunger

Restaurant Owners With Ideas To Help – Solving Hunger Problems!

Recently I read the following article, and watched the video of Mark Bucher, Co-Founder of an acclaimed restaurant in the Washington DC area. He has started a program called “Feed the Fridge”, which is working in conjunction with the local government Department of Parks and Recreation to install eight refrigerators in the local area. Be sure to watch the video in the article.

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According to the following article from

“Food insecurity for children” in 2020; more than tripled

due to the pandemic.”

solving community hunger
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“Mark Bucher, co-founder of the acclaimed DC area steakhouse chain Medium Rare, has come up with a solution to feed a hungry nation and help his fellow restaurateurs keep their doors open.

He calls the program “Feed the Fridge” and has partnered with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation to install eight refrigerators in recreation centers across the DC area.

The refrigerators are filled daily with healthy, restaurant quality meals, prepared by Medium Rare and eight other participating restaurants in the DC area. There is a “No Questions Asked” policy where anyone at any age can come to the refrigerators to get food for them and their families without registration or hassle. “Their currency is the smile on their face,” says Bucher. “Grab as many meals as you need, enjoy yourselves, stay healthy, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more.

The current model is funded by community donations, which go directly to the preparation and distribution of food, but Bucher hopes that his program will inspire restaurateurs across the country who are interested in helping their communities. He also hopes that his program will gain the attention of the government, so that they can help the program spread and grow even after the pandemic is over.”

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Creative entrepreneurs and individuals that understand it is up to us to find answers to our problems, are solving problems and sharing ideas. From starting new businesses to changing how things get done, we are thankful for new ideas that create positive solutions for our fellow travelers through this time of change.

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Conscious Career Connections shares information with you about jobs, careers, new ideas and creative solutions. Never hesitate to share your ideas with others. You never know where the next helpful solution will come from. Our communities are the life-blood of America. Working together to solve problems is what change is all about.

Please don’t hesitate to share these ideas with your friends or business associates. You might find ways of creating new options that work for your community. Always do your own investigation. Remember Your Consciousness Matters and making a choice of action should always be based on an informed decision. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

We are in this time of change together. Working as Solution Creators, open minds and positive intentions we can “Be The Change We Want To Be”.

We are seeing people come up with new, innovative ideas. Consciously spending our thoughts positively toward change and sharing ideas together can create change toward Positive. Stay positive! Positive Thoughts and an Eye toward the Future We Would Like to See is how we create. Expect the Best!

Thank you for reading and Thank You for sharing.

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