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Learning new ways of “Knowing Yourself” helps you to discover the actions you need to take to make the changes to a Conscious Career decision. We can find help in knowing ourselves all around us when we decide to recognize what is important to us. This takes an effort to spend time with ourselves, observing our feelings and attitude changes.

Recently, I ran across the following video to help you figure out for yourself what is the best direction for you. It is a free service and intention is to help you to find the next, best direction for you to follow. It was recommended to me as a great source to consider jobs that give you a chance to think outside the box a bit.

As I mentioned, I put myself through a very intensive program back in 2009 and 2010. I had experienced lots of jobs prior to putting my questions and thoughts together. Having owned my own business for many years, and having worked from the house for well over a decade, you can imagine that there were definite obstacles for my next job choice. My first job was in graphic design marketing. As a child, my desire was to be a Social Worker, which has never been known to be a “money-maker” job. I was directed toward school teaching, and eventually ended up being a recruiter/career counselor/business owner. In 2009, the question was “Where would I go from there, especially considering I lived in the woods, outside a small retirement community?

Career Plan II – My Personal Career Path

It is my goal to share with you my career discovery program in the near future.

I started with some very specific questions and expanded from there. I will share my program with you on this website soon.

In the meantime, I would like to start with a few suggestions.

One of my favorite things that came out of my own program is to remember my love of creating graphic designs. It was exciting for me to learn new ways of creating graphics. The fact that I could make advertising videos, myself, was “icing on the cake”.

Finding Your Next Career Path – Takes Consistency In Your Project

Write Yourself into your calendar each day for at least 30-45 minutes of quiet time. You want no distractions to your thoughts in order to really investigate your feelings and reactions to the questions. Make sure you are in a quiet place, with no distractions. Turn off your computer and phone and give yourself time to listen to your answers. Your questions are not for anyone else to read and there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Be sure you answer your questions truthfully and sincerely. Your future can be made through your decisions and with your best life in mind.

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The importance of this exercise is to get yourself open-minded enough to bring those creative ideas and desires to your attention. When you let this part of your brain open, you might be surprised at the ideas and information that will begin to flow into your consciousness.

Keep a notebook for your answers and write down your responses to the following questions. It is OK. if you change your answers several times. Just let your thoughts begin to flow. (You may make many changes, which will only make your desires clearer and make your decisions more accurate.)

Knowing Yourself:

Seven Questions To Get You Started On Your Journey of Discovery:

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  • Do I want to work with a group of people, or would I rather work by myself?
  • Do I enjoy meeting new people? Do I want to work with the public?
  • Am I self motivated? Do I need structure and supervision?
  • Am I project oriented? Do I like to work on projects?
  • Am I a person that wants to find out something on my own? Do I like research?
  • What times of day do I seem to be really motivated? When do new ideas seem to come to me?
  • Do I like working outside? Would I be happy working in an office?

The More We Know About Ourselves, The Better We Will Be At Creating Our Career Plan Designed With Our Happiness In Mind

Finding Our Reason For Being Can Be Very Rewarding.

As The World Changes – We Can Make A Difference

Find the Work That You Were Mean’t to do. We all have a purpose in life and being in the world at this important time of change matters for the future of all of us. Your life is important. We appreciate you sharing with others and helping others along their journey.

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