Changes in our Conscious Awareness –

Creates Change In Old Thought Patterns

Change Can Bring New Ideas!

Conscious Awareness!

“Turns On The Light”

Conscious Awareness creates Ideas for new businesses, organizations, and interactions with each other and the planet, can bring changes We Want To See.

business ideas - conscious businesses
Consciousness Turns On The Light

This page offers some ideas from creative, resourceful and conscious individuals making a difference for others and their own lives on this planet.

(Some ideas may be Affiliate Sites, as that is a new way to work together to share ideas with new businesses and connections in our New Culture of Sharing.)

Online Marketing -What Do You Need To Know?

Business online – How do you learn to run a business online. Experienced Others are available. Find Out Valuable Information from Those That Can Help.

Online marketing does take an understanding to be successful. There are programs that offer training because they enjoy helping others and sharing their skills/talents.

Spectroomz Membership – Autistic Friendly Training

(CCC Post)
Learn What you need to know for remote and online work. Reasonably-priced, Expert-Training-Easy, short and simple classes.

Offers complete, easy-to-follow, short, courses on “How to start your business, How to use SEO, marketing ideas, and how to write blogs, Crowd-Funding Set-up. Online Jobs can be great for Remote Employment. Find out more about this Autism-Friendly Learn-to-Earn Training.
Autism Friendly Classes

Healthcare Solutions-Healthcare-and Well-Being

Healthy living
Finding Better Health – Changes in Healthcare are happening. Some of the new, natural products are offering amazing results. More and more individuals are taking the time to learn more about how to be healthy and to live happier and longer in our lifetimes.

We have been hearing of new resources and ideas. The ideas coming forward offer some really interesting changes.Technology and Pharmaceutical changes are happening, as humanity begins to understand that each of us must be responsible for our own health, by learning what is available for the health of our bodies.

Trusting in a doctor’s knowledge comes natural for us, but second opinions, research, and investigative actions into what is new can bring about new options.


Medbeds-The Future Is Here-Free Home Trial & Local Demonstrations (CCC Post)

Medbeds are a reality. They are available now. Learn how you can test out a medbed at home or visit a wellness center near you.

Medical Technology – Healing From Home Ideas -(CCC Post)

Technology and Research has given us the new possibilities for cures. Most of us have heard of med-beds and more holistic treatments. Many new medicines are made with more natural healing products and less destructive side effects, or no “nasty” side effects at all. The knowledge is available for us, but we must seek it out for ourselves. Learn more about Med Beds from – creator of the worldwide Connecting Consciousness membership website.

Read: Sharing Positive Healing News – Regenerating Our DNA -(CCC Post)

Education & Employability Options

Education is about knowledge and about how to live in our society. Learning more about how our planet and lives operate, including skills for the future is the purpose of education & creating a more productive society for humanity well-being.

education and employability

Mentoring/Internships/Apprenticeships can make a difference in young, passionate talented, future- workers.

Sharing Craft/Trade Skills For The Future : Meet John King- Making A Difference (CCC)

Ikigai: Conscious Career Path (CCC)

Sustainability of Life: From Birth to Birth

Society is learning to be more sustainable, by respecting our planet, our God-Given gifts and understanding that we are responsible for all life on this planet.

Living Our Lives Responsibly

Sustainable/Affordable Living/Housing- (CCC)

Sustainable/Affordable and community-conscious housing is available today. Discover new innovative approaches to the problems communities are facing today, with an eye on the future.

Sustainable Planet Plastics Be Gone!(CCC)

Story of Boyan Slat- A young entrepreneur with a vision for our life-sustaining planet..

Animal Rights and Animal Protection

Meet Pilots n Paws – Saving Lives

Connecting Forever Families-Saving Lives

Human beings sometimes forget that we are all one. Taking rights of life away from living, God-Created creatures because we feel superior, is a problem. We support Animal Rights & Protection. We support businesses and organizations helping to protect life on this planet. New ideas for service to such a goal, need to be shared. That is a goal for this website – Sharing ideas for positive, helpful, life-affirming groups.

The Right To Know Your Rights & Your Responsibilities to protect these God-Given rights.

God Gave Us Our Freedom – Men made Laws That Protect and Preserve our Freedom Called the Consitution
Sharing Truth of Our Lawful (not legal) rights preserves the Laws of Our Creator. Simple and clear. No Controller’s Needed.


Education of Where Our Rights come from and our duty to protect our rights given to us through our birth (NLA)

Need To Know: Mark Christopher Shares Inf.

Learn What You Don’t Know.

World Peace

TheKesheFoundation -World Peace Treaty. (Keshe website)

Keshe Peace Treaty

Find Out More Regarding: World Peace – A Dream For Humanity’s Future

Working Together To Find Solutions-World Peace to Community Engagement

Adapting Changes That Will Make A Difference–Moving Ahead Toward Correction & Restoration

conscious ideas

What Can We Do?

Are Businesses Doing Enough?

Sharing New Directions!

solving community hunger

Restaurantateur: Helping to Stop Community Hunger 2022/ (CCC-Post)

Recognizing The Shift In Consciousness – We Are Awakening To The Truth of A More Loving World
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