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Finding Our Purpose In Life Is An Inside Job

finding our purpose
Taking The Steps To Success -An Inside Job

Finding our Purpose can be extremely challenging at any stage of our lives . There are so many directions, yet those directions sometimes can feel out of reach. Reaching the next step on our Career Path usually involves learning something new in order to progress to the next step. It might be a matter of recognition for us to make the next move in our journey. Sometimes, the answer might be inside the place where we are currently standing. However, many times, it is important for us to take steps toward achieving a new goal. This may include education, research, creating new introductions, or any other need for movement or change in our lives.

a good connection
Don’t Be Surprised If Opportunities Don’t Just Appear

Sometimes We Can Overlook Opportunities. It is important for us to “Stay Aware” and “Stay Open”. We need to be able to recognize opportunities that become available. Simply because of the changes we are all experiencing around us, we might even discover that something that appears to be negative/unpleasant, actually turns out to be a very good opportunity for our next positive interaction.

New Opportunities Can Appear Around You

Discernment Using Your Conscious Awareness

When we begin to trust our own thought processes, we can use our awareness of conscious thought to find the answers for ourselves. Discernment is a very important part of conscious decision making. Finding our purpose in life is about finding what our heart is saying to us. What is important to us, where are we directed to go next, and how do we get there?

Finding Your Career Path through learning more about yourself.

In 2009, I began a process of finding my purpose in life, using my own method of discovery –

Called it Career Plan 2

Career Plan 2 –
A plan to Discover Our Purpose For Life

The Video Below is an excellent source to begin your discovery of your next step in your Career Plan – Discover The Reason For Being By Learning more about Who You Are, What You Love, and How You Can Be of Service in this World. Chris Do does an excellent job of walking you through these questions. Enjoy!

(Affiliate Link: I believe as we are experiencing changes in our ways of living, we should also change our way of choosing our Career Plans is very important to us living Happy, Healthy, Fruitful Lives.)

Our changes in Consciousness, give us new opportunities for us to create our work experiences to fit our abilities, passions, and how we are here to benefit for ways we can be of service to the world we live in today. Another way to say this:

Follow Your Heart!

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