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Letting Your Consciousness and Your Heart Guide You!

Conscious Career Choice using our Awareness is a way of looking at our career as a personal choice. Your talents, skills, passions, and inner thoughts about your life are important when you are considering your career path. Our past has let the decisions be made by the potential size of our wallet. Today, we see that our lives are better served when we make choices through an understanding of what we know about ourselves, and the organizations we work with.

The changes we are experiencing in today’s world are creating new options for many of us to start thinking differently about our future paths. No matter our age, past job choices or educational efforts, many of us are experiencing the changes. From finding a job to finding a career path, how our world operates with respect to the future, is making us rethink some of our choices.

Old thoughts of only one company and only one job was in your Grandparent’s days. Today you can travel the world and still have a job. Remote work has offered many people new opportunities. Because work can be done from almost anywhere, people that love to travel and people with restrictive disabilities can find new opportunities for their next work direction. The variety of new options is increasing as we learn more about the new discoveries, creative products, and future plans of young entrepreneurs and inventors.

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We Are Living In a Time of Great Changes In The World – Creating Our Conscious Career Choices Using Our Awareness

The World Will Appreciate The “Outside The Box” Thinkers & Problem Solvers

As the world changes, those wonderful folks with “think out of the box” thoughts will give us new products, businesses and services.

Working for others is a great way to learn more, find out the best ways of handling situation and starting your path wisely. This is especially true when the business offers mentoring or apprenticeship options. We are seeing more businesses working with “early workers”. Thinking back, I can remember information I learned through working at businesses. Life is about learning. Learning happens wherever you are. This can be especially true, when you have a good employer or boss, that is willing to take the time for you to learn. Mentors and experienced people are a blessing for the newbies in most situations. Learning through others’ mistakes saves time and sometimes unpleasant situations. As any newbie to new adventures will tell you, having someone that knows their way around a situation is a wise step. You may not always see “eye-to-eye”, but the lessons you learn can be very valuable.

We are seeing many organizations embrace the idea of Mentoring, Apprenticeships, and Internships.

Although many things are in a state of change, adaptation is the art of taking the old and applying new ideas to old policies, procedures, and operations. The outcomes are quite different, when we make consciously aware decisions based on thoughtful personal discernment.

The statement of “We have always done it this way before”, does not apply to the future most of us want to see in the world. Creating the new, creates an opportunity to expand our world to new discoveries, inventions through respect for the old and embracing the new.

No matter how old we are, we must embrace the new. The New meaning !! Change Is Here!.

It is as Simple as that !

Our new, “early workers” can bring the change we want to see, with the help of our experienced workers. It is great to see our companies actually taking action regarding how to operate in more sustainable ways to protect the future of our planet and those living upon it. embraces the new,

while also

building on what we have learned from the old.

Conscious Career Connections supports your journey to your next step in your successful employment opportunities or Conscious Career Choice. Understanding who you are and why you are on this planet at this time, gives you a better understanding to make choices that matter in your life and employment choices.

Your conscious career choice and change your life

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CCC wants to be part of helping you find success in finding your Life’s Reason for Being today. Our personal Conscious Career Choices are coming alive in this new era of Awareness and Discernment regarding the choices we make in our lives.

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