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April Energies Are Bringing Positive Change

For My Consciously Aware Friends

Our Changing Times Create – A Great April Energy Update

changing times -change ideas
New Ideas Don’t Just Happen! We Create Them!

Experiencing “Changing Times”- Creates New Energies-

Opens Up New Ideas!

changing times - creates new ideas
Are you experiencing new ideas ?

As life takes a turn around us, we must learn to make turns with it. I just listened to this video by someone I have enjoyed for some time, Lee Harris; and wanted to share it with you. I believe there are many of us that can relate to what he is saying, as a consciously-aware thinker in these changing times

-you might be happy to hear it and share with others.


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Future Emergence Energy

Change & The Period Of Transformation

Rethinking Sustainable Planet ideas
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April Sounds Promising for These Changing Times

It is a time of creating and seeing the world change to a more

life-affirming place.

There are words in our vocabularies that need to be eradicated. Awakening has shown us the importance of awareness without FEAR. So much has gone on for so long, that when we learn the truth, it is difficult to comprehend.

changing times -lemonade

I can’t help but think of the saying that

when you are given lemons, Make… Lemonaide!

As we move forward through this paradigm shift, it is important to realize that we are experiencing a very monumental time portal -These Changing Times are Biblical and we all have our parts to play. The majority of what we are seeing is not in our control. It is in much higher hands than ours. However, we do have a reason for being here at this time, and that is an important piece of information, we need to remember.

Stay strong in your heart, love and peaceful thoughts. Our paths become clearer as we move forward with love and positive expectations.

changing times
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