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conscious career connections was created in 2014 as a job referral source for those of us that were seeking the way to find the job that would make a difference in life on this planet. After living a life of experiencing many different types of jobs relating to helping others, I became an entrepreneur, helping others find employment opportunities for over twenty-plus years.

The satisfaction of helping others find employment that excited them, gave me the income I required and also the feeling that I was performing a needed service of helping others find what they needed in this life. However, as I began to become more aware of how our world operates, this led me to learning more about how our world has operated for many years, even before I, personally, arrived on this planet. This awareness of Hidden Truths about the basic structures of our societies across this lovely planet, opened my eyes to many problems that we all experience in life today. Even more important than just the problems that exist; more importantly, why these issues exist, was a very eye-opening time period in my life on a very personal level.

eye opening

Discovering My Life’s Purpose…..the next step

Finding an employment solution that would lead to “My Reason for Being” or “My Purpose in Life” became very important for me to discover, as I considered my next step in a long line of learning and growing.

Experience is a Teacher :

finding our purpose
Taking The Steps To Success -An Inside Job

It is Up To Us To Look Closer at “The Experience”

It was a personal journey for me, as I started with a bulletin board, 3×5 cards, and a sincere effort to learn if and what my purpose on this planet truly is or where my attention needs to be directed in order to find a feeling of living my personal version of a successful life.

Discovering yourself, your goals, your desires, your feelings of accomplishment and how your learned skills and God-Given Talents can be used to help others; plus move your life into the life that feels like it fits with your goals of fulfillment in your Life Purpose. This was not taught in our schools. The society, which the majority of us have existed in most of lives, has been based on the financial gain that we can achieve, based on having the necessities of life, just to live on this planet. Becoming more conscious of how we can be of effective service, by using our skills of helping ourselves, the planet and others through our caring talents of connection, are not widely promoted as possible in most societies’ value systems.

Career Plan II-created in 2014

Recognizing our Talents, & Learning to enhance these talents to be of service to others is


“Our Life Purpose”.

Finding “Our life purpose, purpose for life” is part of our reason for being here today. Living our lives without understanding Our life purpose /purpose for life sometimes can lead us into destructive patterns. Having a better understanding of why we are here, especially in this time of change that we are experiencing today, can help us move through changes easier with a sense that there is a reason for what is happening around us; and affecting our lives.

The original website was planned as a Free Job Referral Service for businesses offering positions that provide job opportunities that are truly designed to be of “Service-To-Others” . Giving to others, helping others, and creating communities that realize that when our desires are strictly monetary, we become fearful of the lack of having enough. We lose sight of the art of giving and sharing our wonderful talents given to us by our creator at birth.

There is much need all over this planet for each of our

personal talents and skills:

It is Our Life Purpose to Find Ways of Using What We Can Offer The World; In Our Own Unique Way.

After spending months working with my personal bulletin board, I found that I do have many skills, talents, desires, and favorite things in life that can be of service to others. Putting ideas into a package that delivers positive approaches to life for others, takes time to evolve. One major obstacle that I experienced as I proceeded with my journey, was society’s suspicious nature. We have been trained to be suspicious of others and their motives. It is a trait that I experienced, when I have approached others with ideas about new, or different options and possibilities.

Speaking from a consciousness that has become aware of how our minds have been programmed to immediately “expect the worst” or “expect a catch” to any new caring ideas that people offer as possibilities or suggestions, I became negative and began expecting the worst myself. I have since realized that what is happening in our world is on God’s timing. People are waking up and opening their eyes to the deceptions, the programming and the suspicious nature of the “good we can see in people”. There truly are people wanting to create new sustainable, loving and caring options for today.

I believe the time is here now. The energies are on our side to make changes for the better in everything we want to see and it is time for us to step out and create the world we want to see.

Over the years, I have found several methods of discovering our passion and our reason for being in this world. One method that I share with everyone I meet is IKIGAI. This is a method created in Japan. People are living longer, healthier lives by simply having a better understanding of who they really are and why they are here on this lovely planet. It is my goal by sharing these ways of discovering your Purpose for Life, that I can offer new perspectives that will bring more happiness to each of us.

IKIGAI is an old way of looking at life that seems to finally be coming of age in this time of The Awakening. Finding jobs we love to do and finding ways of helping others using our skills, talents, and desire to help others is becoming more accepted by those that have been brainwashed into thought-patterns of slavery and not trusting, even their own discernment.

Our World can be a much happier, helpful place when we begin listening and trusting what our hearts tell us. There is peace in following the messages coming from a place of love and connection to others.

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Thank you for visiting – I look forward to sharing Conscious ideas, thoughts, businesses and ways of improving our lives together.

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