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New Ideas For Change With Purpose

New ideas for change with purpose sometimes are from very old ideas.

IKIGAI is an old way of being that is being adapted to our New Way of Being in the world.

Chris Do offers great training for old and young Career Seekers.

Meet IKIGAI, which is an old philosophy that is being adopted today.

A philosophy that was adopted in Okinawa many years ago, is becoming the new way of thinking about our life’s purpose today. As we move through these changes, becoming more consciously aware of our surroundings and how we fit in, IKIGAI offers a new, purposeful perspective.

Whether you call it “following your heart”, following your passions” or “finding your purpose”. IKIGAI gives us a new perspective of designing our lives through our own perspective of “Why we are living on this planet today.” Finding a purpose for living gives us great incentive to create the best life we can for ourselves and others.

Enjoy Chris Do’s video. Consider how you can use the information to create your Best Life Ever!!!. Exciting thought for many of us.


Self Discovery Is Self Empowerment

A short time learning more about your desires, talents, enjoyment and challenges can help you create a plan to reach goals that you never knew you had inside.

The more we learn, the more we learn that we don’t know. This is an important part of our growth. Never be afraid to spend sometime learning more about yourself. You might surprise yourself as to what you can do and how well you can do it.

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