Awareness -Knowledge of Truth

Changes in our careers

Change Can Begin To Happen Due To This New Awareness of Unknown Truths

conscious awareness can change the world
The More We Know – Our Conscious Decisions Can Change Our Life Direction.

Awareness, the Knowledge of Truth in our conscious awareness, creates change. The more we become aware of truths that have been hiding in plain site, we desire to create new approaches to our lives. When we are unaware of truth that has been unseen to our consciousness; we don’t ask questions. However, when we begin to take second, third and even more deeper looks into the questions that arrive, we have many new questions. This new information takes new form in our consciousness and we might need to experience new emotional reactions, leading us to actions through our new enlightened thoughts.

The Awareness of some truths can generate a change in our previous actions and can lead to new decisions.

Conscious Businesses requires those people that are called to create a new way of living together. By creating businesses that support love and care for others, including our beautiful planet, conscious business ideas are becoming more and more visible.

When Conscious Career Connections finds these wonderful conscious businesses that have started because they are driven to be of service to this beautiful world. We understand that mankind has been “infiltrated” by those that want to control this planet through intimidation and control of the financial system. This is an evil influence that has taken control of our “Free Will” and “thought processes” of our God-Given talents and personal ideas that direct us toward actions. “Materialism” and “Fear of Loss” are great ways to control those of us living on this planet. Recognition of this comes from remembering what many of us already knew, but were hidden by the thoughts that have been instilled upon us, since birth on this planet.

baby straw man

A simple example of this type of manipulation in the U.S.A., inc. is changing our names to be written in “ALL CAPS”, which happened during the time of our birth on this lovely planet. You can learn more information about how this process happened at the time of our “birthing” on this planet and why. You can find out more from this website.

Your All Caps Name – What Does It Do? Why?

As you became an “All Caps” name – you have been created into a TRUST, which translates into a slave- and also became sold as a commodity on the stock market.

Do your own research. Without knowing it, you have become owned by others, and your talents, skills and accomplishments, on this planet, are being used to reap personal benefits by these self-appointed controllers.

eye opening

Some of us have understand that we are a “Child of our Creator”, and have God-Given rights to pursue our lives through our own thoughts and actions. The action taken above, is used as a mind-altering tool, and creates our own thoughts of slavery, or “following orders dictated through those that want to control us”.

constitutional rights
Our Forefathers Were Aware That Our Rights Could Be Usurped by the Greed of Others and Wrote the Constitution to protect us. Unfortunately These Protections have been usurped and must be regained now in order that we don’t loose the Freedoms of Choice.

As we begin to understand this deception, many of us are creating businesses that help our fellow man because we understand that we all come from one Creator, and want to be part of finding solutions to the control that has been placed within our psyche, without us even realizing how this has been done. Through this amazing period of The Great Awakening, we are seeing individuals, all over the world, Wake Up and Stand Up.

You can find more information about businesses that understand The Truth about our Freedoms on our page regarding many beautiful ideas coming forth as businesses that support the idea that we are truly all one and that to divide us, encourages the separateness needed for us to accept this power of control over us.

Visit our Conscious Businesses Referrals Page to find new businesses designed to work together for creating the change we need to become the Free God-Created Children that we are. Our Constitution was created by our forefathers to protect the Freedoms provided for you at birth by your creator. As a child of God we all have these rights, but they have been cleverly hidden from us by those that want to control us. When we are enlightened to these facts, we become the beneficiary of our God-Given Freedoms and it becomes our duty to protect them. Not knowing this truth has let the “Control Freaks” sneak their tyranny into our country through fear and intimidation. We no longer comply with giving our freedoms away to those that believe they have dominion over us.

Education is vital to the protection of these rights.

Constitutional Rights Education
Our Constitution protects our God-Given Rights

We support new businesses with great ideas to make a difference in the quality of life for all living on and thriving along with this planet. Some of these businesses are affiliate referrals. When we honestly believe in a product, service, person, or thing, sharing it with others is very natural.

conscious decision
Sharing New Ideas Creates Change

The decision then is up to our own discernment; Is it right for me?, Does it perform the functions I need?, Do I trust this information, etc…

Honesty in Business, Respectful Interaction, and a Sincere Mutual Benefit between a business or organization and those that use that business has been rare to find in our society. This is largely due to the thought processes, brought into our world by those that believe in greed; and the desire to have more control over others.

One of the most telling statements we hear in our society is:

“ITS JUST BUSINESS”, which indicates an excuse for the “Lack of Integrity in Action”.

We have seen this in many businesses over the years, and most of us have learned the hard way that this is a very natural reaction of large corporations, and even many of our governmental services interaction with us, over the years. Our forefathers warned us early of these indications and that is why our Constitution was written in 1776, when they created our Republic of the United States for America.

Visit Link: Article 5 Project – To Restore Liberty